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Our gas and electricity is provided by Opus Energy, a small and local energy company based in Northampton.  
We are very proud to say that 100% of the electricity we use at MK11 comes from 100% renewable sources. 
You can read in more detail about the exact renewable sources of our electricity here:



We only purchase paper straws to reduce our plastic waste.

By July 2022 we will have phased out the use of disposable plastic cups, opting for reusable polycarbonate cups to ensure minimum waste while maintaining a high safety standard in the venue. 


We currently try to recycle as much as possible, however this is one area we have identified that we need to make large improvements on. 

We are committed in 2021 to finding a practical solution for separating our types of wastes fully, so we can recycle as much as is possible. This means our food waste for bio fuel and compost, glass bottles, plastic and paper. 
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